Relationships and Relationship Issues

As humans we are relational beings, meaning that we crave, seek and thrive in having relationships with other human beings. However, at times many things “get in the way” of actually having and creating meaningful and fulfilling relationships. We may have lacked the appropriate modeling of a healthy relationship by our families; or perhaps we have been deeply hurt by a previous relationship causing us to be defensive and struggle with trust and safety. We may feel like we are “stuck” repeating the same patterns of relationships and interactions but are not sure how to stop the cycle or how to change our behaviors.

Perhaps you are feeling disconnected from yourself and others and are unsure about why you feel this way or how to change it? Many people complain of feeling bored, lonely, unsafe or unable to let their “true self” seen by their friends or partners for fear of rejection and disconnection.

Whether you want to uncover what is getting in the way of having healthier and more satisfying relationships, or you want to learn or improve your communication skills, ability to interact in a genuine manner, or increase your authenticity and genuineness counseling can help you.

It can also allow you to develop more realistic expectations, patience, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and/or learn to balance assertiveness with compromise; our counselors can help you achieve your goals and the relationships you seek.

We may help you accomplish this through individual, couples or group therapy (or a combination of these approaches). Give yourself a chance to create the relationships you deserve. Contact us to set up a consultation.